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As I’ve mentioned before here on MakeUseOf, I have incredible music tastes. Well, I suppose everyone thinks their music tastes are awesome, but that’s beside the point. I love discovering new music, love sharing my music with others, and love listening to music in general.

With Mixtapeme, an awesome new site, I can do all of those things. Mixtapeme lets you make, share, and listen to playlists from a vast library of music on the Web. And that’s really just the beginning of the features.

The key draw to Mixtapeme is sharing. As the site says, “The internet makes it easy to share anything with anyone across the globe in a heartbeat; it’s about time music joined the party.” To that end, Mixtapeme has made sharing individual songs or playlists easy and fun – but we’ll get to that.

The easiest way to get started with MixtapeMe is by creating a quick playlist. Search at the top of the page for artists, albums or songs, and when you find the one you want (based on an internal library, plus songs from Seeqpod (defunct since 2010), a huge music engine), drag and drop the song into the box on the bottom left of the page that says “Quick Playlist.” Rinse, and repeat. When you’re done adding songs, click on the Quick Playlist box, and up comes your playlist. Play one song or all of them, and enjoy!


If you don’t want to create your own playlist, feel free to listen to others’. There’s a list of Popular Playlists on the front page of Mixtapeme, as well as a list of Recent Playlists. Pick something that sounds interesting, and you might discover some awesome new music.


Once you’ve created a playlist (or found one you like), you can comment on it, share a URL to the playlist, or send it by email. You can also embed the playlist into a website, which I’ve done here with a playlist of my current favorite songs:

Beyond just making playlists, Mixtapeme offers a ton of great features. For every song or artist you find, there’s a lot of cool information to be found. In the song’s right-most column, you’ll see a bunch of icons. These let you buy the song, find more information, delete from your playlist, and more.

The “i” is my favorite, though – it brings up a submenu that lets you see artist information, song lyrics, relevant YouTube videos, and playlists that contain that particular song (really good for finding new music you’ll actually like). Mixtapeme is way more than just a music player, and does a great job of giving you all the music information you could want.

That’s about all you can do (which is, frankly, a ton) without creating a free account. Once you do create an account, more and more features are open to you. You can listen to the Seeqpod results, making your search results larger; you can create a library of saved tracks, saved playlists, and saved listening data.


You can make friends with other Mixtapeme users (I’m davidpierce, if you want to find me), and share playlists with each other, as well as track what other people are listening to.

Mixtapeme is still new (only a couple of weeks old), but is already making some noise in the music world. It’s making songs and playlists easy to create, listen to and share. Features are growing rapidly, and it’s already becoming one of my homes for online music listening.

Where do you listen to music online? What do you think of Mixtapeme?

Photo credit: theshinjukueffect

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