How To Build a Free Website That Makes Money Without Any Coding

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devhubI’d been hearing snippets of talk about a company that offered a way to make a website without programming. Then I heard that they make it dead easy to add all sorts of money making content on your site, without you having to go sign up for affiliate programs. Then I heard that you can get this for free. Even better, you can attach your own domain name to the site and effectively get free hosting. Seriously.

DevHub is the site I’m talking about. So I went to check it out and make my own revenue generating site. I was very skeptical that any sort of website making application could turn out anything that looked and ran decent at all. For years I worked with various content management systems like Red Dot, Joomla, WordPress and Spectra. All of them required some degree of programming to make a decent web site.

Here’s how you can make your website.

First, go to DevHub and begin the sign up process. It’s a very easy thing to do. Just look on the homepage for the very obvious button.

free websites make money

From there, it asks you for some typical sign-up information: first name, last name, e-mail address. Nothing too intrusive. Again, very easy. At this point you can choose your own sub-domain or let DevHub know that you are going to use your own domain. I went the subdomain route, because although I love my dear readers, I’m not buying a domain name just for a demonstration.

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free websites make money

As you can see, the site has a very distinct Web 2.0 feel. Typically I don’t care for that sort of design, but it works extremely well, when the application functions simply and smoothly.

This is where the money making begins. On this page, you can choose what kind of revenue generating modules you’d like to include in your website. I decided to use all of them, for testing purposes.


So there you go, some of it is affiliate revenue, and some of it is pay-per-click (PPC) type advertising. I’m guessing that DevHub sets up these relationships and then takes a slice of whatever your page makes and passes the rest on to you. Sounds like a decent business model to me. I just wish I had thought of, and executed, the idea as well as DevHub did.

Next, you pick out the physical layout of the site. One column with header, two columns with header and so on. each layout has it’s own strengths and weakness, so try to think about how you want your content laid out before doing this step. There’s no need to overthink it though, because you’ll see that changing the layout is also brilliantly easy.

Then you can choose your colour scheme. DevHub has really simplified the process by making most of their colour schemes simple and limited. By doing so, the site will always look good and take the burden of designing off of you.

Now that that’s done, you’ll be asked to read and agree to the end user license. It seemed pretty straightforward to me, even though it’s a bunch of legalese. You should read it for yourself  and if you have any questions, talk to a legal professional. I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on the web.

On to the final editing of your cash cow site. DevHub presents you with a mock-up of how the page will look, but with some AJAX elements to help you tweak it more.

You can change the number of columns. There are only three choices, but really anything more than three columns is just cluttered looking and will lose you readers.

free money making website

You can drag and drop elements on the page to reposition them. The green shows you where the element will land if you drop it right now.

You can tweak what the module will show. In the Search Keyword field you can add more than one word. I just went with one, for efficiency. In the City or State field, I don’t know if non-North American cities or states show up. Give it a shot, I’m pretty sure they would. This helps you REALLY target your advertising to your specific audience, increasing your chances to make a few bucks.

You can add MORE modules or widgets. Be careful with this! Some people think that if they pepper their site with enough ads, they’ll get clicked more often. Not so. What will happen is your site will die, penniless and alone.

devhub widgets

And, finally, the part that really matters, you can add or edit content without knowing a thing about HTML or any programming language. The Content Module has most of the editing features you might find in a word processing program.

i need to find the website to earn money

Once you’ve got all that set up, you can preview your site to see just what it would look like. Not tooo shabby, eh?

make money with turnkey websites

Of course, it would look better if there were some real content in there. However, I think this illustrates pretty well the ability of DevHub to help you build a website that is monetized, looks decent and is free! That’s the trifecta right there, folks.

Naturally, this all begs the question. How much can you make with a DevHub website? Well, I don’t really know. That’s pretty much up to your ability to market the site and drive visitors to it. Then, hopefully, they like what they see and click on a few links and maybe buy some affiliate products. Yes, you could probably make more if you set up your own affiliate and PPC relationships on your own website, but how many of us can make a decent website on our own?

Let’s say you only make about a hundred bucks a month from your site. That’s fairly high for a new site, but it can be done. It’s not that much is it? However DevHub allows you to set up 10 different sites for free. So, if you can get each site to generate about a hundred bucks, that makes for a thousand dollars a month! Not enough to quit your day job or retire, but maybe it helps pay off the house a little quicker or helps you save up for a down payment.

Keep in mind the entire process from start to finish took me less than ten minutes. Instant web presence and not a dime out of pocket. There you have it folks! Don’t thank me, thank DevHub.

Do you have any experience using DevHub? Are there other apps out there like this (or better) that give you free website and lets you monetize it? How’s your monetizing process been going? Drop us a line below.

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Hunter McMillian

Excellent! I’ll definitely give it a try. Thank you!



Thanks for the tip. I’m going to check it out right now.


Guy McDowell

Thanks folks. I hope you like it. Another thing that DevHub could be used for is niche testing. Let’s say you want to see if there is any interest in, oh, I don’t know, bagpipe cleaning. Well, instead of buying a domain and paying for hosting to set up a test site, just do it here. If people visit it and click on any of the affiliate links, then you might have found a good niche.


Just anwser this, How do you get the money?


Just wanted to let everyone, who is asking about how the money is paid, know that it is by either Paypal or check. You can find it in the Terms and Conditions section.



This sounds good, but how do they pay the money? Presumably they want details of your bank account… Lol, I hope that this isn’t a scam.
P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!



There are many of these kind of websites around:


Personally Yola is my favourite. It is only new to the scene and already has a good web builder and the community support is instant. Also they have just recieved a 20 million investment.

I tried DevHub when it was just released and it was very rough I thought, kinda like it was released before it was ready. I found it kinda like it was all about money, not about creating a good well designed site.



Of course your could also still do this using

Then easily move to their GRID hosting plan when you have proved your concept.


Pascal Forget

Haaaaaa… An article on easy money making secret for free! The kind of stuff fraud squad are warning us about!

How did you come up with 100 $ a month?

« That’s fairly high for a new site, but it can be done. »

I can’t say it can’t be done, but can you realistically do it once, and then 9 times more, as you suggested? If you have to find a magical niche topic that drives tons of (how many?) hits… Maybe it’s easier to spend your days clicking yourself on the ads, in wich case it’s not really free money…

Have you received a check yet? I’m also really curious to know how you get the money…

I hope you make a follow-up to this article with the results you got… Including the money you received for real!

Guy McDowell

Realistically it can be done. I know the couple who runs as well as a bunch of other sites and this provides them with a very decent income. These sites get almost all of their income from advertising.

Note that I didn’t say it was an “easy money making secret for free.” Making money anywhere, honestly, is never easy. But it is a free way, and making website there is easy.

Heck, even if each of 10 sets only made ten dollars a month, an extra 100 dollars could make quite a difference for some people if they used it wisely. That could be $1200 a year going into some sort of investment towards retirement.


But, How do you GET The MONEY? I haven’t seen an answer to that question. Am I missing it?


I have to say that the interest in these mini-sites on platforms like Yola or DevHub are better then Twitter as a social marketing stream.

Anyway, check out and you’ll see how to set up a micro-niche on their honeycomb of the web at

BTW – I have received a payment from DevHub but would like to see other ways to create a marketplace environment on the platform like the way Bido does with domain names.

Bido has a great product too and it’s a total clearinghouse firesale if you have the investment for it.


Ed Fry

Whilst a system like this is great for getting a free website easily, it isn’t a sustainable business proposition. You expect Google to take you seriously without bothering to get professional hosting? I wrote about how to build free websites and their pitfalls – but if you only want a somthing simple and free, this kind of thing’s great!

Guy McDowell

Honestly, I don’t worry about traffic from Google anymore. Almost all of my traffic comes from StumbleUpon and from author links from articles and comments like these.

Before a person even gets to my sites, they have already read some content by me. So, chances are they will like what they see at my site too.

Another thing to note is that you can tie your own domain name, say, to your DevHub created website so it looks more ‘serious’.

Nope, it’s not perfect, but is a perfect way to test the waters.

Ed Fry

I agree, but whether or not you’ll look for something long term and sustainable – not everyone can generate viral content that wins Stumblers over (you must be happy!) – still, could you be neglecting further traffic from the search engines?

Guy McDowell

DevHub, and some of these other similar sites, give you the way to put your website under your own domain name.

So you build your DevHub site, and during the process you put your domain name on it. Someone types in and boom! They are at your DevHub site. No redirecting or anything like that. For all intents and purposes the site does not look like a DevHub site to any search engine.




I will check this out. Thanks for explaining it in such simple terms. Makes life so much easier. Have a good one!

Guy McDowell

You’re very welcome! I hope you stay tuned for more great Make Use Of articles from all of our fine authors.


Guy McDowell

My pleasure. I hope DevHub helps you out lots!



Thanks Guy. Nice article and very informative. I’ll definitely give it a try. Please let me know when you write an article about free online advertising (so I can advertise by DevHub site).

Guy McDowell

The best free advertising is to link comments like these to your site. When you make a post in a forum, put your site in your signature. Submit your site to StumbleUpon. List your site on your Facebook, MySpace or other social network sites.



Awesome, yeah its really easy ive already made mine, its alittle to easy.



First I thought it is something for developers, couse of DEVhub, but it’s simple and easy to use ^) I will give a try :)

Thank you.

Guy McDowell

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. I seem to remember a developers website by that name back in the early 2000’s. Might be my old mind playing tricks on me though.



i’m new to the whole web site thing…i am interested in creating a website tat generates a nice income.. have many ideas..good too..but i’m very picky with where i invest my time. etc..i wanna deal with the right web builder….and not be disappointed with the outcome.. maybe some strong words of advice would help my decision and worries.. thank


logo design

That was great tips on how we can build a free website without programming and without hassle



i hope it works



Very nice post.I like your examples you use. It is nice to see someone confident enough to use their own sites to help others. Thanks again for sharing……


Nitin Gurmukhani

You can use blogger to make website for free. Only pay for domain registration and change DNS settings; your website is ready. Like the one It just costed me 8$.



Your site contain a many useful information. I look for a lot of this experience. Thanks!



Nice work. I enjoyed the article. and I agree with Reigneer. Great post



thanks man,it worked



thanks you guys are wonderful


Lesego Nthite

Guy, I am from South Africa and wanna know how will I get money, method of payment? do I put my banking details in the website or how?


Hi Lesego,

The payment is made through PayPal. Usually you can set up PayPal so you can withdraw funds from that to your local bank account. Or you can leave your funds in PayPal and use them to shop online and such.


I missed something. They will also send you a check. I’m not sure how that works outside of the US though.

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