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It used to be that, if you were a bug enthusiast, a large collection of books indexing the many species was required in order to identify various insects. The web has changed a lot of things, and this is one of them. is your online insect identification guide of pretty much any insect in North America. Browse the index by category, search or just attempt to find a picture that matches the insect you’ve found.

insect identification guide

One particularly awesome feature is the ability to upload a photo of an insect you’ve captured or spotted and request the community to identify it. They’re surprisingly good at doing this, and quickly, which is very useful if you’re wondering whether the spider in your yard is poisonous or not.

Overall this is a very extensive guide with a great deal of information. I highly recommend you check it out and find out for yourself what this guide can offer; particularly if you’re an enthusiast. Even if you’re not, however, reading this guide can be fun in a Wikipedia kind of way so check it out!

insect identifier


  • Online insect identifier.
  • Includes descriptions, photos and a wide variety of information.
  • Index format for easy browsing.
  • Upload your own photo to request identification from other enthusiasts.
  • Links to downloadable field guides.
  • Forums for discussing insects with other enthusiasts.
  • Similar tool: WHOBloodProducts, IBC and eBird.

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