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Website where you can search for computer errors and find solutions. No need to signup, but simply submit an error message you want to get a fix for and get solutions submitted by people who encountered the same problem.

Find a solution to your errer messages

Currently has amost 80.00 errors and solutions in its database. If you did not find a solution to your error on and later solved your problem by other means then you might consider improving the site by sharing your solution with others.


  • Search and find a fix to your error message.
  • Submit solution to your error and share it with others.
  • Currently database has 79,413 errors and solutions.
  • Rate and comment on solutions.
  • Keep track of submitted errors in one place (account required)
  • Firefox Extension and Firefox/ IE search bar addons for quicker access.
  • Similar website: ErrorKey.

Find a solution to your errer messages

Check out @

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