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There is no dearth of tools that let you schedule tweets to be sent out at a specified time, but no tool provides you with an automatic hassle-free solution like BufferApp. BufferApp lets you add as many tweets as you want to your buffer and doesn’t send them out until the specified time.

With the free account you can schedule tweets for up to 3 different times in one day and keep 5 tweets in your buffer at any given time. Tweets can be added to your buffer manually by going to your BufferApp account or by adding through one of the browser extensions. You can even add your account details to track shortened URLs and choose to receive email reminders when your buffer runs out of tweets.

schedule tweets for later


  • Schedule tweets for future.
  • Specify times when your tweets should go out.
  • Add tweets manually or using browser extensions.
  • Simple pain-free registration.
  • Free account lets schedule tweets for up to 3 different times daily and keep 5 tweets in your buffer at any given time.
  • Similar tool:¬†Twuffer.
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  1. Leo Widrich
    January 19, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    thanks a lot for covering us! we see buffer to be quite different from other schedulers like twuffer and the rest. We thought to spare you the scheduling every time you tweet, so we do that for you. That makes topping up your buffer more intuitive and efficient in using twitter. let us know any experiences you have with the tool or if you need help. :)