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When is the best time to tweet to reach most of your followers? A new partnership between Buffer and FollowerWonk (a Moz app) tries to answer this eternal question by analyzing your followers’ habits and translating them into the best times to tweet.

In order to take advantage of this new feature, you’re going to need a Buffer account. Buffer is a fast-growing scheduling service for Twitter and other social networks, to which you can add a buffer of updates to be sent out at just the right times. Up until now, these times were calculated mostly by your time zone, but the new partnership with FollowerWonk makes things much more interesting.

To schedule tweets according to your followers’ activity, head over to FollowerWonk and click on the “Analyze followers” tab. Enter your Twitter username, and choose “analyze their followers”. The output of this analysis is a world map with follower counts, which is always interesting, and a chart depicting the times of day in which your followers are most active.

All that’s left to do is choose how many tweets you want per day, and hit the “Schedule at Buffer” button (this requires access to both your Twitter account and your Buffer account), and the best times will be automatically added to your Buffer account, ready to be filled.

As pointed out on Buffer’s blog post, this trick is not limited to your own followers. In some cases, it might be smarter to set times according to the people you follow, and not those who follow you. At other times, such as for accounts that don’t have many followers, you may want to set your times according to a different user entirely. All options are open, as you can analyze any user’s followers and followees using FollowerWonk, so feel free to get creative, and get yourself some impact.


Will you use this new Buffer feature to schedule tweets?

Source: Buffer Blog

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