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Travelling isn’t free. If you find yourself running out of money along the way, you’ll wish you’d budgeted better; is a one-stop trip budget planner site for travelers. Here you can enter the cost of your hotel stays, transportation and recreational activities in one place, giving you a good idea of what your trip will cost.

trip budget planner

While there are plenty of other budgeting software on the market, this site sets itself apart by catering solely to travelers. The interface is basic but effective, and allows the user to enter expenses in most common travel categories: accommodation, travel, food and more. A built-in currency converter will help you factor in exchange rates, meaning you’ll have an estimate based on your home currency.


  • Estimate the cost of trips.
  • Web-based interface is accessible everywhere.
  • Built-in currency converter.
  • Similar tools: TripLittle and IgoUgo.

Check out BudgetYourTrip @

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