BudgetTracker: Personal Finance Calculator and Budget Tracking

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Comprehensive and highly-customizable personal finance calculator and budget tracking tool. Using BudgetTracker you can manage your budget, bills and transactions from a single place, setup bill due reminders to your email or mobile phone, track upcoming bills and more. It’s a full featured money management tool comparable to Microsoft Money. This site really has everything you might be looking for, starting from comprehensive budget tracker to integrated calculator and mobile access.

Account Overview

Once you have logged in to your account you will see 5 different sections: My Bank Accounts, My Budget , My Bills, My Calendar and Transaction Registry.

    My Bank Accounts: Manage credit cards and bank accounts.

    My Budget: Organize all your monthly expenses and keep track of their totals. The page is categorized by categories i.e. Auto and further divided into sub-categories like gasoline, insurance, etc.

    budget tracker summary   BudgetTracker: Personal Finance Calculator and Budget Tracking

    My Bills: Manage monthly bills from one place and track which bills have been paid and which are still due. The alerts can be delivered to the email or mobile phone.

    budget tracker bills   BudgetTracker: Personal Finance Calculator and Budget Tracking

    My Calendar: Save appointments, track upcoming bills, get reminder alerts before the payment due dates, and more. All recurrent bills will be automatically added to the calendar.

    Transaction Registry: Keep track of monthly transactions.

Customize BudgetTracker

BudgetTracker provides plenty of options when it comes to customizing the interface. First of all, it allows you to choose the colors and layout of the site. For instance, some of the options include adding glass effects to menus, rounded corners, different schemes, and text font settings (size and family).

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Users also have an option to switch between ‘advanced’ and ‘simple’ menus. You can do so with a single click. While the advanced menu has a lot more features, the simple one is less overwhelming and maybe a better choice for simple budgeting.

Simple Menu:

budget tracker nav   BudgetTracker: Personal Finance Calculator and Budget Tracking

Advanced Menu:

budget tracker nav2   BudgetTracker: Personal Finance Calculator and Budget Tracking

You can also clean-up the stuff you see on the screen. The setting page gives you plenty of choices when it comes to what should stay and what not.


The site offers both free and paid accounts. The free account has some limitations but still provides enough features for general usage. The current fee on the site is free for basic usage and $2.95/mo or $24.95/year for unlimited usage.

budget tracker freevs   BudgetTracker: Personal Finance Calculator and Budget Tracking

That’s pretty much it, make sure to check BudgetTracker out. If you have any other questions, see their FAQ section.

Go to BudgetTracker @ www.budgettracker.com

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