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Last week, our poll asked you all how long you have been a MakeUseOf Reader How Long Have You Been A MakeUseOf Reader? [Poll] How Long Have You Been A MakeUseOf Reader? [Poll] Read More . We’re happy to find that most of you consider yourselves permanent fixtures, while many more of you are well on the way to becoming one. Thanks!

We tallied a total of 378 votes for the poll: 37% have read MakeUseOf for 1-2 years; 18% have read MUO 6mths-1 year; 16% have been MUO readers 3-6mths; 12% have been here 2-3 years; 10% are new MUO readers of less than 3mths; 4% are long term readers of 3-4 years; 2% of readers have been here since the blog launched; while a handful (.8%) of people thought they’d fill out the poll after visiting MUO for the first time.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

As you can see, most people reading MakeUseOf have been reading the blog for a while.

This week’s poll question is: Which Is The Best Budget Web Host?


We know there’s some great web hosts out there. However, most everyday people are looking to find the best host they can within a modest budget. Let’s find out which of these are the best!

Please feel free to add your favourite hosts to the comments, as well as sharing your horror stories and praise for the ones we’ve mentioned!

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