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BuddyWay is a free GPS track maker for mobile devices that allows you to track any mobile phone or PDA with built-in GPS (or with Bluetooth GPS receiver) in real time. Once you have registered and installed the BuddyWay application on your device, you will be able to track and save your trips, share your trips with friends in real-time, import and visualize your routes on Google Earth, get trip stats (duration, length, altitude etc.), set location-based notification alerts and more.

GPS cell phone tracking software

But more importantly it acts as a simple tourist quide application on the go. Before your trip, simply download information about your selected location (monument, restaurant, event etc) and listen to it when travelling to that destination, even when there is no Internet connection. It is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phone mobile platforms for $1,99.




  • Track any GPS-enabled phone in real-time online
  • Save trips for later reference
  • Buddyway Voice Guide – speaking guide on your phone
  • Download information about your selected location and listen to it when travelling even places with no Internet connection
  • Share the trips with desired people or keep them private.
  • Capture and comment on particular locations of your trip (in real-time) directly from your phone.
  • Import and save trips to Google Earth to visualize them in 3D-mode and more.
  • View route statistics and charts: route length, route duration, avg. & max. speed, altitude changes, etc.
  • Setup alerts on desired regions and get alerted when nearby.
  • Available for iPhone, Android and Windows phone mobile platforms for $1,99
  • Available in multiple languages – English, German, Polish and French

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