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Imagine being able to read your social networking streams by glancing at your phone. It would definitely save the time required to separately log into your networking accounts. Here to help you do precisely that is an Android app called Bubbleator.

facebook as wallpaper

Bubbleator provides your Android phone with a dynamic wallpaper that displays your Facebook and Twitter streams. This way you can easily check the latest news in your social networks on your phone’s home screen. In addition, the wallpaper displays upcoming events and unread text messages. You can flip away read items and replace them with new ones in the stream.

Other features of the app let you quickly respond to items in your stream, control the bubbles of information you want displayed, and control the number of posts displayed per person.


  • A user-friendly phone app.
  • Compatible with Android devices.
  • Displays Facebook and Twitter streams on home screen.
  • Also covers unread text messages and upcoming events.
  • Lets you select bubbles of information and control number of posts per person.

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