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Bing could make smashing comeback of sorts, as it has been completely re-imagined for Windows 8. The video discussion on the Bing blog shows Microsoft’s Stefan Weitz giving a preview using a Microsoft Windows 8 tablet of what the ‘new’ Bing could offer. A richer and more ‘immersive’ search experience is definitely on the cards. If the video is any indication, Bing is certainly fast and fluid.

Initially, search results will occupy center stage. You can compare the results side by side and then move them to the left with a swipe. The vertical scroll through the search results allows for websites to load on the right, thus removing the need to go back and forth between search results. The share function is also fully integrated, so you can share a specific result with your social network or get your friends’ help on a search with a simple swipe of your finger.

Bing for Windows 8 is streamlined to work with the other six Bing-powered apps – Maps, Weather, News, Finance, Sports, and Travel. For instance, with the travel app you can explore 3,000 destinations from all over the world with a swipe. All the apps are extremely visual as the screenshots on the Bing blog show. As David Lindheimer, Bing Apps and Experiences Team says:

We’re just getting started with the Bing for Windows 8. By the time Windows is fully available this fall, Bing will have additional capabilities to let you find results more quickly than ever with Windows 8.

Source: Bing

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