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While there are numerous services offering full-size screenshots, websites have also become a much more mobile experience, and are mostly viewed on screens the size of an iPhone or an iPad. Browshot takes a leap by offering web screenshots for multiple devices and screen sizes. This tool lets you select the browser, device, and resolution you request for a screenshot, making it easier for anyone to get their screenshots in their preferred size and format.

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To start using Browshot, you first have to select the browser and resolution for your screenshot. Then you can enter the URL and choose whether you want the full-page grab or the screen grab. Browshot will then make the image available for download after a few minutes.

Browshot generates screenshots for multiple resolutions and devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Nook, Android devices and Blackberry. You can also set screenshots based on laptop and desktop devices like the Macbook Pro, iMac, and Asus EEE. Browshot offers a versatile solution for visualizing different websites.


Browshot is useful for website designers, bloggers, and anyone who needs to download web screenshots specifically for different versions. The free plan of Browshot is quite limited as it only has options for IE browsers. However, for a little more, you can take screenshots that match different browsers and devices.



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