How Many Browsers Do You Have Installed On Your Computer [MakeUseOf Poll]

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As for the poll itself, 92 readers voted in total, and these were the results: 16% love the new system, 26% think it’s OK by liked Disqus better, 14% don’t like it or something specific about it, 22% don’t mind it one way or the other, and 22% of the readers haven’t even noticed the switch.

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poll results4   How Many Browsers Do You Have Installed On Your Computer [MakeUseOf Poll]

This week’s poll question is: How Many Browsers Do You Have Installed On Your Computer?

The days of having only one browser are mostly over. As the number of available options grow, so does the number of browsers we install and try. Some people install every available browser, including underdogs such as RockMelt and Maxthon, and others are just fine with one major browser for all their needs. It’s time to count! How many browsers are installed on your computer?

Be sure to tell us in the comments which browsers you have installed, and whether you actually use all your installed browsers or simply keep them around just in case.

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Just IE & FF (primary) for me.


In order of use:
(1) Seamonkey – primary browser plus email client – 8 extensions
(2) Firefox – 8 extensions
(3) Opera
(4) Chrome – rarely use
(5) IE – only for windows updates

Suraj Tandon

i am using Four browsers.


I have 3 browsers installed.

Internet Explorer – Because Windows did’nt ask me if I wanted it.

SRWare Iron – My primary browser.

Firefox – Just a matter of time before it goes.


Using a Mac, I have Chrome (primary), Safari, which I haven’t used in ages, and Firefox, which I don’t much care for either. There were things I really liked about Safari, but it crashed so much that I finally made the switch to Chrome and I love it.


I have Chrome as my primary. IE is my backup, and I actually had to use it yesterday.


I personally use Chrome in X and links (or some variant) when an upgrade happens to break X. (Linux)


I use Chrome as my primary browser, Firefox for private browsing, IE to send things to OneNote, and Opera and Safari to round out the suite for website testing. I can rub my belly and pat my head too…


On my windows box I use Chromium dev as primary browser with chrome beta as a backup. I keep both the release and bleeding edge version of Firefox around for those rare occasions when chrome acts up. IE is there too but hardly use it. My mac is set up similar but I’ll play around with Opera but never Safari. I use Chrome and FF in linux mint. yeah, overkill.


I use Chrome, and have IE installed because I haven’t bothered removing it.

Ravi Lamontagne

I’m using FF use to be primary but freezes too often but i still love the fact that there are so many apps that i could use, Chrome as Primary, Opera as backup, Safari for testing, and IE well it came with the computer but i hardly ever use it.


tried every browser out there…but starting to use Opera more and more…it’s just plain faster on my laptop

R Ze

I have chrome, IE, maxthon, firefox, and included the nightly ux of firefox. Not sure if the nightly ux should be included since it’s still firefox, but whatever.

Joel Lee

I currently use Chrome as primary, but sometimes I’ll switch to Opera or Waterfox when I get bored of it. I’m the kind of guy who switches up his wallpapers and skins frequently… and the same is true for my browsers.

Yaara Lancet

For me switching a main browser is like renovating the house. I get so accustomed to my add-ons and button placements and such, it takes me ages to decide on a big switch. Maybe I should be more flexible.. :)


Avant, Comodo Dragon, Google Chrome, Lunascape, Maxthon, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Midori, Mozilla Firefox Aurora, Opera, Safari, and Sleipnir. Use Aurora as default browser, IE, Opera, and Maxthon as second choice. The left just installed for render test.

Yaara Lancet

Wow, that’s an impressive number of browsers!


I use Waterfox, Chrome, IE9, and I also use IRider for the user friendly tabs.


3 browsers,
IE, OS forced, but some websites still friendly to IE only;

Andy Madrid

5 Browsers: Waterfox, IE9, Dragon Opera and Chrome

David F

IE9 (32 and 64 bit versions), Firefox Portable, Chrome Portable, Chromium Portable, Iron Portable, Maxthon Portable, Opera Portable, Rockmelt, SeaMonkey Portable.


IE8, Maxthon, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

On two alternate laptops I have IE6 and IE9 in addition.

I also use a number of browser simulators.

Reason: I design webpages from time to time so like to test on as many different browsers as possible.

My main browser of day to day use is Chrome. I used to use firefox, but it just takes for ever to start up.

On my android, browser of choice is opera mobile, although I have a couple of other things installed there too.


Chrome (primary) + IE9 (never used)


I have 3- Firefox, Chrome and IE8. I use Firefox regularly. 2nd is Chrome. Internet Explorer is just a back up option in case some applications or websites don’t run in these two browsers.

Saiful Zaree Johar

7 Browsers -Comodo Dragon, Palemoon, SRWare Iron, Firefox, Opera, Sleipnir 2.x and 3.x. owh, btw, I didn’t count in IE….

Yaara Lancet

Aha, which makes it 8! Impressive.

Saiful Zaree Johar

Now I’ve IceDragon installed also, but ID often unresponsive


I have the Big Four – IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. I find that is sufficient for all of my testing needs.

Bob Henson

When you look at your survey statistics, you should really deduct one from each entry, as one browser will be IE, which hardly anyone would use were it not bundled with Windows.

Yaara Lancet

It’s true that most people who commented stated that they have IE only because it came with Windows or for dev purposes, but it’s still installed, and therefore still counts!


Six, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Oniweb and IE on a Windows partition

Use Chrome and Safari for everyday use.
The other for testing websites or when the first fail on a site


Chrome beta(most used), Opera,and IE. On phone is Opera Mini

Mark O’Neill

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. I recently had Safari too but I uninstalled it when I went on one of my binge uninstalling sprees.

I always alternate between Firefox and Chrome, depending on my mood. Plus if one is going too slowly, I’ll loudly curse the browser Gods and then switch to the other one to save my sanity. Thank God for xMarks syncing my bookmarks.

Errol Vincent

I have on my Mac Lion;
Sea Monkey, Safari, Camino, Opera, Stainless, Sunrise, Browser, Chrome, Chromium and Omniweb.

Mostly now I use Sea Monkey and Camino. They both perform well and block annoying ads easily.
Each of the above browsers has its strengths, and then there is the browser file size to consider and the amount of computer resources necessary for it to run.
I find the browser with fewer unnecessary features with a small file size gives consistent fast speed.
All fascinating to trial to see which suits my method of browsing and displays the websites I frequent accurately.

Yaara Lancet

Interesting, I haven’t even heard of some of these browsers before!


I got Chrome (favorite), Opera, Firefox and IE. The last three are just for some testing.


Currently (the list changes from time to time)
Waterfox – Firefox for 64 bit -current favorite
Comodo Dragon – a chrome variant
Sandboxie – probably not a true browser as it uses whichever one is currently tagged as favorite and sandboxes the entire browser


I have:
– IE9 (preinstalled; for web testing only)
– Chrome Dev (main browser; dev can be buggy, but you get all the new features first)
– Firefox Beta (backup browser for when Chrome Dev doesn’t work as it should [like now])

J.P. Howde

Two – The one that came with the OS (IE8) and the one I use (Firefox).

I did once remove IE but decided not to bother when re-installing as it is sometimes handy to check a problem isn’t just a firefox issue.


Installed: IE9 anf Firefox 11 ( used most often.) Portable: Firefox 11w/FoxE9, Firefox 3.X, Chrome, Chromium and Iron. I keep them spread out on different drives so that I can preform operations (defrag, cleaners, etc.) on one while browsing on the other.


Firefox – Use it all the time
Internet Explorer – Because it is there


IE9 (mostly for web testing and a few very specific pages)
Chrome (main browser atm)
WF (Waterfox, 64 bit FF)
Safari (mostly for iTunesU administration and web testing)
Opera (just to try it- probably going away)

Paulo Marinho

- Google Chrome
– Firefox
– IE 9
– Chrome Plus


I have basically every major browser on the market installed on my computer. I use two frequently:

Firefox (Main browser, always will be)
Opera (Because it’s fast and it looks slick)


Chrome for main use
Firefox for backup
IE because you can’t uninstall it on Windows

Same on Mac except Safari instead of IE


Like many here, I am a web developer and have to test in all of the major browsers. “My” browser is Chrome, but I also have IE9, FF10, Waterfox, Safari, I have a tool called IETester installed that I have found invaluable during testing. It pretty accurately emulates IE5.5 – 10. Not that anyone in worries about IE 5.5, but I actually do have a client that was supporting IE6 until just recently.

Yaara Lancet

Sounds cool! It’s unbelievable how many people still use IE 6-8. My friend and I were building a website a while back, and I was shocked to see it in IE 7 before we made it somewhat compatible. Nothing works there. :)

Aung Htet

I use 4 browser! Main use is firefox, and the second is chrome. sometime i use opera and safari!

Susendeep Dutta

I have 3 browsers installed.
Internet Explorer by default,Firefox as my main and Chrome for other purposes and to manage different kinds of login related issues.


7 (or 5 or 4) browsers.
Firefox, Firefox Aurora, Palemoon, Palemoon (x64) [primary], Chrome, IE 9, Opera

Most of them are Firefox-based.

Only Palemoon x64, Aurora, Chrome are actually used regularly. (IE9 is sometimes used for using OneNote Web App)


Why is zero an option? If you don’t have a browser I doubt you would be reading this poll…

Yaara Lancet

Haha, yes, I didn’t really expect anyone to vote for 0, but decided to include the option, just in case someone doesn’t own a computer and browses only with a phone or tablet!

Rahul Sethi

I wanna like this comment, makeuseof include a like button in your comment system :)

Rahul Sethi

Use DISQUS, I would recommend that. :)

Yaara Lancet

I guess you missed last week’s poll about our new commenting system. :)

We were using Disqus up until several weeks ago. It’s true that there’s no like button now!

Alan W

Internet Explorer
and Chrome.

I use all of them for writing tutorials etc.


Google Chrome

but in fact I use Aurora most of the time
(Should it be defined as a separate browser form Firefox?)

Yaara Lancet

Good question. Since Aurora is a Firefox release channel, I’m not sure if it can be counted as a whole separate browser. On the other hand, you actually also work with regular Firefox, so I guess it does count. :)


I have 3. IE because I still run into a website that only displays in IE. Firefox because I use a couple of the add ons. Main browsing I do on Sr Iron because Google does not need to know my fetishes. :)


you can use user agent switcher add-on for firefox to access websites meant for IE

Yaara Lancet

That or IEtab, which does the same thing. Really useful. I never open IE anymore.


Or use Opera, it is already built in, and you cabn decide for each website…


Waterfox – primary
Firefox – haven’t used it since i installed waterfox
Chrome- my brother uses it, its a shared pc
Opera- i use it when i need the turbo mode for slow connections
Rockmelt – im still experimenting with it
IE- i don’t even know why i still have it =.=”
Qt browser- still experimenting with it

i once tried pale moon but uninstalled it as it didn’t suit me

Ishar Jay

Try IE9. They have improved it alot.


maybe im too devoted to waterfox for now


I have two different computers, which two different browsers on each. Safari and Firefox on my Mac, and Chrome and IE on our PC. The only reason why I still have IE is it’s a shared computer, and the other person refuses to switch.

Yaara Lancet

Interesting! Why does he/she refuse to switch? Is it a principle or simply unwillingness to try something new? I can’t imagine using IE when Chrome is actually installed on the computer… :)


I think it’s partly unwillingness to try something new, and the fact that she has a ton of bookmarks on IE, and doesn’t want to bother trying to move everything over.

Little John

Firefox will move the Favorite from IE into Firefox’s bookmarks. I use Firefox, Chrome, IE in order as listed.


Firefox – primary (the addons are great)
Chrome – occasionally
IE – only when the site requires it, decreasing in use, hope to obliterate it from my computer soon
Thunderbird – in sync with its composer and email
Opera – experimenting

I have not heard of Waterfox or Rockmelt before I will have to check them out

Ishar Jay

Chrome dev – default and mostly for quick info search
Firefox – coz of addons, when I need to download web clips etc./ for online payments
IE9 – Online payments/ some systems which work only with IE.

hope to install opera again after this comment to see what they have got recently.

Yaara Lancet

Have you tried IEtab? It’s available for both Firefox and Chrome, and I always use it for websites which work only with IE. Unless you didn’t actually mean IE-only websites.


I have three on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine. Firefox which comes by default, Chrome, personal favorite and Chromium.


I have a mac and I use:
firefox – primary
opera – if firefox has too many tabs open or i get sick of it, and speed
chrome – (speed) if firefox is slow or need to test in another browser
safari – rarely use but sometimes for simplicity
lotus – came with lotus notes for work, never used. Ever!


Run on both Mac and Linux PC:

On Linux along with the above:

On Mac along with the above:
Internet Explorer (Parallels desktop-app)


primary: Firefox w/ add-ons
IE9, Opera and Chrome for testing the websites I maintain and for compatibility issues

carlos gerbasi

i have 3 browser:
IE 8

Ron C

IE 8

Humza Aamir

I used IE to download Chrome ;), and well that says it all.


I currently have 3 browser installed on my computer. Those 3 are: Internet Explorer (which I hardly ever use); Firefox (my browser of choice); and Opera (as a backup browser when Firefox causes problems or is much too slow in loading.


Primarily I use Chrome, however I keep Firefox and IE installed (FF for a backup and IE due to some program requirements). Somehow Opera and Safari have managed to make it on despite my best efforts :)


I’m surprised the highest is 3!

1) Chrome
2) Firefox
3) Midori

Firefox came with Linux Mint and I have Zorin OS installed to, that came with Chrome. Midori is just cool to use :)


1. Chrome
2. Camino
3. Safari
4. Firefox
5. Opera

Harry Milne

I use Firefox,and Chrome,, firefox because of its extensions ,, some of which dont work in chrome,,, And Chrome because of its speed and clean interface ,,( Oh i suppose i should include IE which i never use)

Robert “Ruedii”

Well, I have my three heavyweight browsers, Chrome, Chromium, and FireFox. Then I usually have one lightweight browser installed, and two text mode browsers (Links and w3)

I rarely use the text based browsers, but they are important to have for when things go wrong.


Chrome, Firefox, Opera.


I’m on Ubuntu 12 and use Chrome and Firefox.


I use Chrome & Firefox everyday.

I never use Safari & IE, although I have them installed.


IE for work (others are not compatible with some of the office tools)
Safari for office communicator at work. Using ask why but I can’t search names using IE but then again I’m supposed to use their Citrix client but it’s way too slow.
Chrome for home
Firefox is there because it was an old favorite and I just can’t say goodbye


1. Opera
2. Maxthon
4. IE 8 (?)
5. Avant


Firefox and IE


Firefox (Palemoon) — Ignore system proxy settings option is very useful
IE 9


Firefox, Chrome and IE8. I use them all.


On multiple machines I always run the same two browsers:
Iceweasel and w3m.


Chrome, Firefox, IE9. I, too, use them all.


I installed Firefox, Firefox Nightly, and Chrome. I voted for 3 because I don’t think IE should count. :I

Anyway, I use Firefox for some work related stuff, and Chrome for everything else. Every couple of months I switch to just using Firefox though, and that will either be Firefox or Nightly. Just because I get bored of a browser if I use it too often.


1. Firefox 11.0 Most used.
2. Nightly (For knowing future FF)
3. Chrome (Back up)
4. IE8 ( Removed it from windows feature)


1. Pale Moon x64 (My freshly installed, now primary browser)
2. Firefox
3. Opera
4. Chromium
5. IE (for website testing)
6. Opera Mobile Emulator (for website testing)

Just uninstalled Waterfox and Chrome. The latter ought to have a malware/spyware label for being nearly impossible to uninstall.

Try for yourself to get rid of Google Update. Had to use a cmd prompt to delete both Google Update services, Search Everything to find Google folders and files scattered in several places, and even after deleting the services and killing Google Updater i the process manager, I still had to use Unlocker to be able to delete the folder in my Program Files (it could not delete after being unlocked, had to delete on reboot).

Funny that Google Update goes to so much trouble to stay in your pc, even after all Google software has been deleted, huh?

Yaara Lancet

That’s incredible. In a bad way. I never tried to uninstall Chrome, didn’t know it was this much of a hassle. This is really interesting, thanks for sharing.


IE (Rarely)

Rahul Sethi

1. Firefox, 2. Google Chrome. 3. Seamonkey, 4. Safari and 5. IE


1. Firefox Nightly UX
2. Safari
3. Chrome dev (solely for watching flash videos as I don’t install Flash on my mac).


firefox,because my VPN is optimized for it
Opera – which I downloaded to use with TOR,though hardly use TOR now I have the VPN
safari, because my wife won’t use anything else and if I ask her to explain one more time I think she might actually punch me.


ahahha im suprised no1 said no answered “0 browsers”


1.Opera: Offers what I want most in a browser.
2.Konqueror: Offers just about everything imaginable at only half the resources of Opera. Open Source. HIGHLY configurable like all KDE software.

Horace Chung

How can you have no browsers if you were participating in this poll?

Nick Dylan

You could be replying from your tablet/phone?

Horace Chung

Um… That would be considered a browser.

Yaara Lancet

But the question is about your computer, not your phone or tablet. :)

Horace Chung

In that case, that would be true, but if you consider all of your devices, it would be impossible to answer this poll without a friend helping you out (borrowing his device, etc).


Pale Moon (Firefox-based) is a good general browser, and I use it most of the time, but I like Chrome for the ease of securing it, and use it for my online banking.

Nick Dylan

If Internet Explorer weren’t so difficult to get rid of, I bet most people’s answer would be one fewer. As for me: 1) Chrome, for speed and general browsing. 2) Firefox, for some extensions I don’t have on Chrome and for sites Chrome doesn’t display correctly for whatever reason. 3) Internet Explorer, because it’s a hassle to remove. 4) Safari, just for testing things I’m working on for compatibility. 5) Lynx, for when I need to do some simple research and not be distracted.

Bruce Epper

I use IE9 as my primary but I also have Firefox, Opera, and Safari on the system for testing purposes. I will NEVER install Chrome due to trust issues with Google and all of the crap that they scatter around the system along with what appeared to be at one time in the past to be backchannel data collection and I won’t even test under it. Have downloaded but not installed Pale Moon and Waterfox. Hope to look at them soon. Have also been considering trying out Chromium but just haven’t gotten around to it.

Charles Rachor

technically, i have two, because IE can’t be uninstalled, just disabled. but Chrome is the only one that meets my speed needs.

Andrew Ray

I use Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. I use Opera for general browsing; seems faster. Right now my default browser is Chrome. Got to have reopen closed tabs option. Opera doesn’t. I got too many extensions installed on Firefox net trim it down.

Shaurya Verma

1. Opera (primary)
2. Firefox (backup / occasional primary)
3. Chrome (for a second account)
4. IE (Only when some application starts it off for some reason)

X. Safari – Installed it.. was pretty.. then didn’t end up liking it much.. deleted it.


Technically 3: Firefox (main), Chrome (weird pages that don’t load in FF), and Lynx… that’s why I said “technically.”


Mainly: Firefox (my main one. I love the Adblock and download helper); Chrome (takes up to much space, slows down my computer, but still use it to log on to my other good account); Internet Explorer (never use)


1 Chrome
2 Firefox
3 IE just to download other browsers



Joses Lemmuela

Only stock IE 8(unused) and for primary use, Firefox. I don’t like Chrome at all.


I use Firefox and I have Safari around just in case. I was just reading as I was Googling around that people are saying that Firefox isn’t good with Macs. Hmm. Maybe I should use my Safari instead?? Ever since I installed Photoshop Elements 10 the other day, it’s been really slow.