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You may find it hard to believe that an extraordinary number of internet users don’t understand what a browser is and don’t know how to utilize its features. Next time you come across such a person, just direct him to the What Browser? site.

It’s a simple website created by Google to help people check the browser they are on and also learn more about it. It’ll show you the name and version of your browser, a short video explaining what a browser is and options to try a new browser, or learn a few tweaks about the current one.

check browser

check browser

There’s also an option called “Under the Hood” which contains some geeky data on browser performance, graphs and diagnostics tests. Other than that, this is a really simple site and is worth sharing with your mother or grandmother.


  • Check the browser you are on currently.
  • Also shows the version and the date when it was released.
  • Try a new browser and learn some tweaks.

Check out What Browser?@

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