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Makers of the +Like browser extension have brought together Google search results with Facebook likes. When using this extension, users searching Google can easily see which links their friends have previously “liked” on Facebook. This powerful add-on therefore does everything Google’s +1 functionality hoped to achieve, without having to wait for users to catch on and provide the social data.

Users of Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers can download the +Like extension here. Search results will show a small button showing how many people have liked this page overall, and which of your friends have done so. Here’s a video detailing how +Like works.

The +Like extension was inspired by the recently introduced Google +1 functionality and built in just a couple of hours, according to developers. They used their own Crossrider framework to build the application. The +Like extension has an immediate advantage over Google’s +1, since it only requires the user to have a Facebook account. To use Google +1 a user needs to create or upgrade their Google Profile, begin marking sites as +1 and wait for their friends to do the same. Here’s a video of how Google +1 works.


What do you think of the +Like button and the Google +1? Which will you be using?

Source: TechCrunch, Image Credit: ShutterStock

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  1. Joshua Clarke
    April 20, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    I think Google +1 is a stupid idea. Until Google has a decent social network backing it up, it will go nowhere.