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Last week Digg rolled out their much anticipated application for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Since its release the Digg iPhone app has received hundreds of positive reviews from users. Wait, what’s Digg?

For those of you who don’t know, Digg is a community driven news website that allows its users to pick the top stories on the web by voting them up (digging them) or down (burying them). I’m sure you’ve probably seen those shiny yellow Digg buttons all over the web (feel free to click ours below!)

The Digg iPhone app was designed to allow you to browse Digg from the palm of your hand and contribute to the community on the go. You can discover interesting content, view stories by category, search for topics, share them on social networks, and save your favorites for later.

In this article I am going to go over some of the free app’s features in depth and show you what the app looks like with screenshots. Get ready to Digg!

Browsing Top Stories

Just like Digg’s website, the application allows for multiple ways to find the stories you’re interested in. The main page on the Digg iPhone app shows you a list of the top stories on all of Digg. You can view how many diggs the story has right from this list.

digg iphone app


If you click the little blue arrow next to a story you can also view how many comments the story has, favorite the story, or digg or bury it from there.

At the bottom of the screen you can switch from Top stories to Recent and Upcoming. You can also access your saved stories.

Searching Topics

At the top of the screen you can select a specific topic by clicking the Topics button, or you can search for your own. Topics to choose from include Technology, World & Business, Science, Gaming, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports, and Offbeat. If you’re familiar with the site you will recognize these. You can click on a topic to be taken to a list of subtopics. This should help narrow down the scope of what you’re looking for.

digg iphone app

When you go to the search screen, a QWERTY keyboard pops up so you can type in your search criteria. Your results are displayed based on the keywords you’ve typed in and you can sort them by Best, Recent, and Diggs.

Preview & Browse Pages

digg iphone app

So what do you do when you’ve finally found your content? You can click on a story and the app takes you to the story’s preview page where you can see a summary of the article, who submitted it, when it was submitted, and what website it is linking to. You can view comments and related stories on this page, which I will discuss further below.

Clicking on the actual headline itself opens up your browser and takes you to the article. It keeps a bar on the top and bottom so you can return to the app seamlessly or digg, bury, or save the story.

Commenting & Sharing

Allowing users to comment on stories is one of the more popular features that Digg offers its users. On the preview screen, you can view either the top comments with the most diggs or all comments that have been left, as well as digg the comments you like or leave one yourself for others to see.

Clicking the arrow on the bottom right of the screen brings up a list of options that allow you to share the story via Twitter, Facebook, and Email. You can also Copy to Clipboard.


Personally, I am a huge fan of Digg. When this app came out I started using it right away. If you are a regular user of the website or like to get your news online, I’d recommend you download this app for your iPhone/iTouch. We’re doing more and more on the go these days, and that includes getting our news as it happens.

You can find a demo of the app on YouTube here :

What do you think of this Digg iPhone app? Do you use Digg often? Leave your thoughts, comments, and ideas below!

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