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Flickroom LogoFlickr’s website is functionally easy to use but it doesn’t offer an optimal viewing experience for browsing photos. Here on MakeUseOf, we have previously covered DestroyFlickr DestroyFlickr - An Amazing Flickr AIR App DestroyFlickr - An Amazing Flickr AIR App Read More to use Flickr from your desktop. It has not been in active development for a year however, and a better alternative has come on the scene with some cool new features.

Flickroom is the new Adobe AIR kid on the block that will change the way you interact with Flickr.  Flickroom lets you browse Flickr in a beautiful charcoal colored interface that is soothing to the eyes, allows easy photo uploads and downloads, gives you real-time notifications for comments and faves on your photostream, and more. The app is still in beta and new features are being added at a rapid pace.

Flickroom Full Screen

Flickroom Setup

Download and install Flickroom from here. When launched, it will allow you to connect with your Flickr account or create a new one. The application requires a simple one-time authorization process via Flickr so that it can work with your account. Your credentials are cached locally so you don’t need to login again in the future.

Browse Flickr with Flickroom

Users of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom will feel right at home since the interface to browse Flickr is very similar. The bottom filmstrip shows your (or your contact’s) photographs. The center area is where you view photos, edit photo data, and chat with other Flickroom users.


You can choose the display size and background color of the photo viewer, and click Details to view photo information like description, comments, tags, and EXIF data.

Photo Details

At the top right, you can navigate between your photostream, contacts, groups, etc. The application commands are in a toolbar at the top-right of the window. From here, you can view the latest photos from your contacts, upload, chat, search and set default settings. Hover your mouse for a popup description since it may get some time to get used to the command buttons.

Top Right Buttons

Viewing recent uploads from your contacts is very easy. You can see the recent photos in the right sidebar or launch a separate filmstrip view. In this separate window, you can flip between your contacts to see their recent uploads in a filmstrip.

Upload Photos

There are three ways to upload photos using Flickroom:

  • When your photostream is visible, drag and drop any photo into the app to add it to your photostream.
  • When viewing one of your sets, drag and drop any photo to add it to the set.
  • For powerful upload functions, use the Upload Manager accessed from the top-right toolbar.


I was very impressed with the simple yet powerful Upload Manager. You can select a batch of multiple photos, choose privacy settings, use tags and existing sets, create new sets, and add to groups, before the actual upload.

Download Photos

At present, you can download only one photo that is selected and displayed. For batch downloading, do checkout the two Backup And Download Flickr Photos in Bulk (Windows) Backup And Download Flickr Photos in Bulk (Windows) Read More different Download Photos from Flickr with FlickrDown Download Photos from Flickr with FlickrDown Read More apps we have previously covered on MakeUseOf.

Edit Photos, Add Comments and Notes

For any photo you are viewing, the action buttons below the photo on the right allow you to edit information, make comments, add notes, mark as favorite and so on.

Add Note

Search Users and Photos

Flickroom allows basic searching for photos and users at present. You can search for users by email address or username. The photo search searches tags to find matches. Though the search is basic, the best part is that you can add users as your contact from within the application.

Image Search


The application preferences allow you to set the default photo size (useful for slower connections to use smaller display size), background color, initial view, and a “˜signature’ for all new photos.

Flickroom Settings

Live Feed, Chat and Tweeting

The most unique feature of this app is the ability to get real-time notifications for any activity such as comments and favorites on your photostream. You can tweet about a photo from right within the application.

Tweet This Photo

If you’re in a social mood, you can jump right into the Chat room, where you can chat with other Flickroom users currently logged in.

Do you like Flickroom’s interface to browse Flickr? Does it make your photos come alive? Let us know in the comments!

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