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With all the downloading, reviewing, testing and occasionally, publishing of freeware that I do, you would think I would have seen this sooner. FreeWareUpdater is a simple, yet very effective tool for people who like freeware. Note, personal ethics and the laws of the nation require that I disclose to you the fact that I get 10% of every sale of FreewareUpdater. Which is, um, 25% of zero, carry the one, um, ah, it’s exactly zero. Raw deal.

Anyway, the point of FreeWareUpdater is to present you with a catalogue of freeware and open source software (OSS). From that catalogue you can download and install what you think you would like. Once the freeware of your choice is installed, FreeWareUpdater monitors the new software’s website for updates. Occasionally, FreeWareUpdater adds new software to its catalogue as well.

Download and Install FreeWareUpdater

You can get the software over at Install is a breeze, since the only option is where you want to install the program.

Open Up FreeWareUpdater and Choose your Freeware

At last count, there are 203 different pieces of freeware you can download through this app, in about 40 categories ranging from CD and DVD Tools to Video Software. Some of the software comes from heavy-hitters such as 7zip, Adobe, TurboCash, Google, and HijackThis Get Geeky and Fix your PC with HijackThis Get Geeky and Fix your PC with HijackThis Read More . I’ve already got most of those installed, so I’m going for something a little different for demonstration purposes. I’m thinking Stellarium Explore the Night Sky With Stellarium Explore the Night Sky With Stellarium Read More . Sounds pretty.

stellarium“What is Stellarium?”, you ask. The brief above gives you a short summary, but if you look to the bottom left-hand corner of FreeWareUpdater you’ll see the Application Info button. Give it a click!


application_info_buttonThere you go. Now you see a full description of the program, as well as some other information you might find important.

stellarium_informationThat’s cool. I didn’t know that a 3 dimensional map of the stars was called a stellarium. Clicking on View full description opens a web page on the FreeWareUpdater site that tells you even more about the software. I want it.

Click on the Stellarium box so that it is highlighted the darker blue. Look up in the top of FreeWareUpdater. Click on the Download and Install icon.

download_and_installOh lookie! There it is downloading!


Once the download is complete, the install process for Stellarium starts. I won’t go into the install of that since it isn’t pertinent to our article. But here’s a picture for snickers and giggles.


FreeWareUpdater will also alert you to updates for freeware that you have installed through it. It might be a little shaky on that, but so far, it’s the best software I’ve found (for free) to do this. It’s a great app for new users to explore the amazing world of freeware and open source software.

Caution: It appears that is a one-person show. So don’t go expecting awesome tech support or hourly updates. It is usually the one-man-show that is the backbone of the freeware and OSS movement. Be thankful for their time, and for the cost of the application. If it’s not good enough for you, trot on down to your local SpendAGrand computer store and pay through the nose for something that is marginally better.

What do you use to manage your freeware? Got links to another cool app like this? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. I almost always respond to them.

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