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You should not have to pay a hefty fee simply to learn something new. That is what Brooklyn Brainery – a teach and learn place in Brooklyn – believes.


Brooklyn Brainery is a place that hosts inexpensive classes on topics suggested by students and teachers. You will find classes ranging from Cocktail Alchemy to Interior Design and even Philosophy. Students can visit the place and sign up for classes that cost around $30 for a bunch of classes.

You can also teach anything you know at the Brainery. Teachers can either volunteer or if they are experienced they can be hired to help out for $30 per hour. Updates regarding classes and things learnt can all be found on the Brainery’s website. Sometimes things learned in class are directly published so even by visiting the Brainery’s site you stand to learn a lot.


  • A place for people to learn and teach.
  • Offers inexpensive classes.
  • Hosts classes on various topics.
  • Lets volunteers teach topics they know about.
  • Updates site to mention classes and things learned.

Check out BrooklynBrainery website and other details @ 

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