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Have you ever read a blog and thought, “What does this mean? Let me Wikipedia it”, or “I wonder if there’s a YouTube video on this subject”? When this happens, you might leave the page for a few minutes, look up the content, and then maybe return.

A lot of blogs lack all of the information you’re looking for. It’s not their fault, it’s just that sites like Wikipedia and YouTube are much more informative. Well, that’s all about to change with an interactive blog linking tool called Apture.

Apture is a WordPress plugin that allows you to plug the holes in your content with smart blog linking, and let your readers open related background material – reading, photos, videos, you name it – without ever leaving your site. What if readers never had to leave your site for more information?

In this article, I’m going to go over the installation and some of the many things you can do with this interactive plugin.

Getting Apture Blog Linking Installed

To get Apture on your blog, download the plugin here. Once you have the plugin, simply install it the way you would any other plugin, by going to your WordPress Dashboard, and Plugins>Add New>Upload.


After installation, go to Apture Configuration under the Plugins tab and click Install Apture Script. This adds the necessary code to your blog that enables you to use Apture.

How To Use Apture for Blog Linking

Now that Apture is installed on your blog, you will see two new buttons on your Add New Post page.

blog linking

Adding Apture content to your post is easy. When typing a new post, highlight any words you would like to link to (just like adding a normal hyperlink) and click the first button to add Apture content to your link.

As you can see, you have many blog linking options to choose from. You can add multiple things to any link, including news articles, videos, images, maps, audio, documents, and webpages. There are over 50 sources of content to choose from (e.g. Google Maps, Wikipedia, YouTube, royalty free images) You can even upload your own content to be added to the link.

Once added, people will click on your link and see a popup that displays all of the information you have requested. This decreases the bounce rate for your blog and increases time spent on the site. How useful!

To embed content, just click on the second icon. This will bring up the same prompt, allowing you to embed an interactive box onto your post as opposed to linking to a pop up.

Video Tutorial

Want to see how it’s done? Apture has put together a YouTube video tutorial that will help explain how to use Apture better than I ever could (with words anyway).

Apture has many other videos you might find useful on their YouTube channel.

The Apture Site Bar

I bet you thought I was done. Apture also has a site bar I thought I would mention. Unrelated to the plugin (somewhat), this bar can be added to any website. You can find it here. Allow me to explain what it does.

The Apture Site Bar is a bar that appears at the top of the screen when a user scrolls down the page past your logo. It allows you to add your logo to the bar for branding purposes, as well as offer the user 3 ways to share your content – via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

But is this really useful? Relax, I’m getting to the good part.

The bar also has an interactive search feature. This allows a user to highlight any word on the page and click Search.

After that, an interactive box comes down very similar to the ones the Apture plugin allows you to link/embed on your site. Users can find extra information about anything on your site without leaving your site.

Here is another short video from Apture so you can see how the bar works:


Apture allows you to bring interactivity to your blog. I’ve found this plugin very useful and a big help to readers, especially if you own a site that puts out a lot of content or is in a specific niche. I think we will be seeing more and more apps like Apture in the future as sites become less and less self-sustaining and more interactive/social.

What do you think of this kind of website interactivity? Will you be giving Apture a try? I look forward to reading your opinions in the comment section below.

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