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Long distance traveling is all about spending a large amount of time on the road. Once I had to sit for more than 24 hours on the bus on my land trip across the island of Java. The obvious question is: what should you do during those long sitting hours?

You could sleep, read books, chat with the person sitting next to you, listen to music, or – my personal favorite – catch up with your favorite TV shows.

Most modern mobile gadgets come with the ability to play videos. Among the mobile gadgets that I’ve tried, I personally think that my iPod has the best audio/video playing quality. So I always have it by my side as a traveling companion.

Acquiring The Shows

There are several ways to acquire TV shows (or movies) on your iPod. You could:

Converting The Shows

You can skip this step if you are using the first and second method above to acquire your TV Shows. But if you are using the third method, most of the movie files that you end up with are not iPod friendly, so you need to convert them.


The easiest – and multi-platform – way is to use Handbrake.

tv shows on ipod

You can even use it to attach subtitles How To Use Handbrake To Attach Subtitles To A Movie File How To Use Handbrake To Attach Subtitles To A Movie File Read More to the movie. And best of all, Handbrake comes with pre-configured settings for the iPod. We’ve discussed this before so I won’t blab too much about it here.

tv shows on ipod

Managing The Shows

Again, you can skip this step if you use the first method to acquire TV shows as everything is done for you. Second and third method users, keep on reading.

After the conversion process is done, add the movie to your iTunes Library using “File – Add to Library” menu (Command + O) or by just simply dragging and dropping the files to iTunes.

ipod mobile tv

But your quest doesn’t end there. By default, all manually added iPod compatible movie files will be placed in the “Movies” folder, naked and untagged.

ipod mobile tv

To put the TV Shows in order in the “TV Shows” folder, right click the file(s) and choose “Get Info” from the pop-up menu, or select the file(s) and use “Command + I” combination.

ipod mobile tv

There are many things that you can do in the info window. But for our adventure today, please go straight to the “Options” tab.

tv on my ipod

Change the media type from “Movies” to “TV Show“.

03e Media Kind.jpg

Then continue on to “Video” tab and fill in all the necessary information. Start from the “Show” or series title, “Season Number“, “Episode Number“, down to the “Description” of the movie.

tv on my ipod

When everything is fine, click “OK“.

The edited file(s) will disappear from the “Movies” folder and reappear in the “TV Shows” folder, neatly grouped according to the series.

tv on my ipod

The next time you sync your iPod to your iTunes, the latest episodes from your favorite TV shows will find their way to the iPod, ready to accompany you in your long lonely hours.

How do you spend your long traveling hours? Do you watch TV shows on the road? Share your thoughts and opinions using the comments below.

Image credit: wan shariffuddin

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