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If you intend to share a bunch of cool websites, which you’ve discovered lately, with a friend, then sending those via email looks like the easiest thing to do. But it isn’t convenient to click on them one by one and open in browser tabs, especially if there are a lot of them. BridgeURL solves this problem by helping you create a website slideshow and combining all those sites into a single URL.

The service doesn’t require registration and you can quickly add URLs and share the new URL that’s generated.

send multiple=

multiple links

As you see in the screenshot above, there are arrows to the right and left to facilitate quick and easy navigation. The sites can also be popped out in a separate window. Overall, a simple yet useful service.


  • Share multiple website links by creating a slideshow out of them.
  • No registration required.
  • Great for viewing sites on browsers that don’t support tabs (like the ones on mobiles).
  • Similar tools: Minmu, ShareTabs, UrlBunch and Shrink2One.

Check out BridgeURL @

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