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Numerous online tools let you have fun with your images and apply cool effects to them. Adding to this list of online tools is Brickify, a free image to pixel art converter that turns your images into pixelated image made of tiny 3d boxes (bricks). Your image needs to be stored online as the site only accepts URLs of images. When the image transformation is complete you can download the Brickified image in PNG format.

image to pixel art converter

You can also use the site to edit the transformed bricks. You get a good selection of colors to choose from. The above image was transformed into what you see below. As you can see from the color options under the transformed image, we have the option to change the color of any brick we want. By zooming into the image we can better control the brick coloring.

convert images to pixel art

An addition feature lets you see the breakdown of the bricks according to their color.


  • A user friendly web tool to convert images to pixel art.
  • A cool effect for your pictures.
  • Converts images into individual colored bricks.
  • Lets you modify brick colors.
  • Provides the color stats on the bricks.
  • Resultant image is available in PNG format.
  • Similar tools: Piq, Q-Block, Colorpx, Pixie, CubeScape and Pixuffle.

Check out Brickify @

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