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Last week we asked if you’re planning to buy the new Microsoft Surface. Surprisingly, the results did not indicate either a negative nor positive trend, so if someone in Microsoft is listening, the Surface might make it after all!

Out of 564 votes in total, the results were as follows: 28% want to buy the new Surface and think it’s awesome, 25.5% think it looks cool but want to see it first, another 25.5% won’t buy it no matter what, 17.5% think it looks great but do not like the rumored prices, and 3.5% haven’t even heard of the Surface.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.


This week’s poll question is: Are Brick & Mortar Stores Doomed?

The recent release of Amazon’s augmented reality app for Android got me thinking again about the future of brick and mortar stores. In a world where Amazon and friends have everything we might want only a click away, and with the ability to enter any store and immediately find out Amazon’s prices while there, some might think real stores are slowly becoming obsolete. This is not a simple matter, as many people rely on these stores for their livelihood, and the online store’s convenience is harming their income directly. On the other hand, every store owner with an eye on the future has already opened an online store as well, with the ability to order the same products without leaving the house. So what is the future of brick and mortar stores? Will they stay around or slowly disappear?


Don’t forget to share in the comments the reasons behind your vote, and of course, to tell us exactly what you think if you chose “Other”.

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