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What do you do in case you print out a document or image that is stored on your phone? You first transfer it to your computer that has a printer hooked to it and then print it out. But this process could be made much easier if you could simply print things out from printers through your phone. That is precisely what Breezy offers.

print documents smartphone

Breezy is a document-printing service currently available for BlackBerry and iOS devices; soon it will be available for Android devices as well. The service lets you send documents and images stored on your smartphone to a printer-connected computer that is running Windows. All you have to do is obtain the service’s phone application and PC connecter client.


Adding to the features of Breezy is its community of partners. Businesses can partner up with Breezy to offer their printers to be used by Breezy’s users. You can easily locate nearby Breezy printers and request your documents to be printed there thereby saving yourself time in cases when you are not near your own printer.



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