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There is no dearth of social networks on the internet but they are either too Facebook-like or ridiculously random like Chatroulette. BrainRepublic aims to be somewhere in the middle by letting you connect to total strangers but only those that you have a common interest with.

The whole concept of socializing at BrainRepublic revolves around conversations and topics. You can create a new topic that you want to talk about and other people who are interested in it will connect with you. The conversation can then take place via a simple text chat or an audio/video or audio only chat with great quality.

Alternatively, you can browse through the list of topics that other users want to talk about and jump in. If the other user is seeking professional advice, you can also choose to charge them a small fee.

chat with others onlinee

You can create and maintain a list of your interests so whenever a new topic matching your interests is posted, you’ll know about it immediately. You can mark users as favorites, invite friends from Facebook and browse through the list of users who have the same interests as yourself. You can also rate each user and send them messages even if they are offline.

A tag cloud displays the most popular topics across the network and a list of recently started topics tell you what people are interested in talking about. Overall, it is a great way to connect with strangers and the focus on talking about common interests really makes it stand out.


chat with people online


  • Connect and video chat with people online on common interests.
  • Engage in a audio/video or text-only chat.
  • Find people who share the same interests.
  • Post new topics or see what people want to talk about.
  • Talk for free or charge a small fee for your professional advice.
  • Invite friends from Facebook.

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