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Whether it is state capitals, SAT vocabulary words, or dates for a history exam, there are a number of things you might need to learn. Flash cards are a wonderful way to memorize these things. Braineos offers a fun way to study anything with flash cards and games.

study with flash cards

Braineos is a great web service that you can use for free. You start by signing in through your Google, Yahoo!, or Facebook account. Then you can create a deck of flash cards by naming the deck and then adding your items. Before this step, remember to search the existing decks on the site – you might not need to create a new deck after all.

memorize things

With your deck now available, you can play one of the games on the site that will help you remember the items on the deck.

You can make the memorization more fun by asking your friends to play the same games with the same decks and compete with you.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Does not require registration of new accounts – works with Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook.
  • Helps you memorize lists.
  • Lets you create deck of flash cards.
  • Helps you memorize those decks via games.

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