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Boxroom in the Cloud is a useful online file management application which allows users to store their files online and share them with their colleagues and friends. The service is still in the beta stage so you must create a free account in order to use the service.

online file management

Once registered, it will provide you with a URL which is automatically generated after the registration. Just open it and create an administrator account. Next, the application will ask you to provide an Amazon S3 access key. If you don’t have an account on Amazon S3, go here and create your access key after signing up.

Now paste the access key and security key in the field provided along with your mail which will used to send emails when files are shared with other users. Now you will be able to upload and share files with anyone you want. The service runs on the Heroku cloud app platform and files uploaded will also be accessible through your Amazon S3 account as well.


The service is free of charge while it’s in its beta stages. Once the beta is finished, users will be require to sign up to paid plans which start from $29/month.



  • It’s free in beta stages.
  • Upload and manage files easily.
  • Files uploaded to Amazon S3 account.
  • Cancel your account anytime you want.

Check out Boxroom In The Cloud @

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