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For independent sellers, selling digital items is not as convenient as it should be. You have to go through the process of uploading your item, adding its details on a created webpage, then spreading the word about the webpage. A web service called BoxRockit helps make the process much simpler.

sell through twitter

BoxRockit is a web service that lets you conveniently sell your digital items. The site will be a great help to musicians, artists, and anybody else who sells items that can be downloaded. With BoxRockit, you upload your digital file to be sold, along with adding details such as name, description, price in American dollars, an optional image thumbnail, and a message to be included in the tweet that is sent out to spread the word about your product.

When people read the tweet and click on the included link, they are taken to the product’s page where they can purchase it using PayPal or 2Checkout. A sale monitoring bar graph is also provided to help you analyze the sales of your products.

The service is free for the first 3 products; from then on, you are charged a fee of $15 per month.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you sell digital items easily.
  • Lets you upload items and add details to them.
  • Auto-Tweets your item’s availability to spread the word.
  • Supports transactions through PayPal and 2Checkout.
  • Similar tools: Assertize and TinyPay.
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