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Google has finally stepped into e-commerce with the launch of a visual search based fashion portal, Several mini Boutiques (think collections) let you browse through everything ranging from designer clothing, to bags, shoes and accessories.

You can easily love/hate, save or share any item. Bringing your mouse over an item gives you a detailed description along with a list of similar items and a link to purchase it. Listings can be refined by price, style, designer, color or store. Anyone can create their own boutique with as many number of items as they want. Boutiques, like Twitter accounts, can be followed by other users.

fashion shopping websites


  • Visual shopping experience created by Google.
  • Browse for clothing, bags and accessories.
  • One of the most aesthetically pleasing shopping sites.
  • Create your own mini boutiques.
  • View similar items or go directly to the merchant to buy.

Visit Boutiques @

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