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bossbitching BossBitching is another fun application which may be useful for all working folks out there. As the name suggests it is a cool website where people can bitch about their bosses. Or as company puts it:

Boss Bitching is a user driven social content website that allows anonymous postings of stories about bosses.

User can post a story about his/her boss and get people’s feedback on it. Posts can be made about a present boss or someone from a previous work. Visitors coming to Boss Bitching will read, rate and comment on posts.

The posts that attract most attention via the ratings will be promoted to the front page. Author’s and other users can follow updates for popular posts through RSS using favourite Feedreader.

Submitting a story is very easy and requires no registration. When submitting a story user has to assign a category for the Boss. Currently bosses are subdivided into 6 categories: Credit Stealer, Criticizer, Insensitive, Micro Manager, Tyrant and All Purpose Asshole. Also user needs to provide an industry s/he works in(media,construction,software). This service is 100% anonymous and never asks you to submit any kind of identifying information.

Have a problem with your Boss findout whether it is him or you? Boss Bitching was conceived by Unknown Tech Guy.


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