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There are more serious YouTube video game-related channels than absolutely necessary, and so it’s good to see some good old fashioned no-holds barred stupidity among the serious critique and analysis. Step in Bro Team Pill (it sounds like protein, get it?) to swear, laugh and ridicule the best and worst video games on the market.

With more foul-language than a late night bar fight and a complete lack of professionalism, these works of sweary art were nominated for this years Streamy awards, and for good reason. If you’re fond of Rage Quit 8 'Rage Quit' Videos Guaranteed To Make You Laugh [MUO Gaming] 8 'Rage Quit' Videos Guaranteed To Make You Laugh [MUO Gaming] I'm a gamer, and like all gamers I have particular tastes. I have adored some video games through the decades, and would count playing them as highly memorable experiences. I have also played some games... Read More and other strange video game entertainment 6 Of The Strangest Video Games Ever Made [Stuff to Watch] 6 Of The Strangest Video Games Ever Made [Stuff to Watch] In the world of video games, weird is regularly confused for wonderful. Some of the best received franchises of all time sound pretty damn weird on paper. Katamari Damacy is a shining example; combining bonkers... Read More then you will love this YouTube channel.

Unboxing Video

I’ve never quite understood the oft-posted unboxing video that so many people watch on YouTube. Unboxing might be a special event whereby you disrobe your newly purchased gadget and put it to use for the first time, but posting a video of it just seems a little odd to me.

If you subscribe to this view then you’ll enjoy this parody of the usual unboxing video.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play sci-fi massively multiplayer role playing game, and like most MMORPGs requires time, effort and teamwork in order to succeed. If you haven’t got the time or effort required to put in then I wouldn’t bother.


You can still get some enjoyment from the game with this ridiculous video however!

Fate of Voyage Century

Continuing the free-to-play theme, Fate of the Voyage Century is another bad MMORPG (because there aren’t enough) which does more than take a few cues from Pirates of the Caribbean. This is a departure from the usual Bro Team Pill videos in that it contains very little screaming and instead exists to point out a very broken game.

Really, this is one horrendously broken piece of copyright infringement right here, just check out the knock-off Jack Sparrow on the homepage.

Crysis 3

Tired of hearing about the new Cryengine? But it looks so pretty – and that’s exactly what this video is all about: graphics! Just look at the graphics! Incredible! Who care’s about the game behind it all, anyway?

While Crytek’s last few years work is a feast for the eyes, it takes more than pixel shaders and anisotropic filtering to make a good game, and if you agree then you’ll enjoy the below video.

Cricket Revolution

It always tickles me a little when American’s fail to understand the quaint English game of Cricket which enjoys its fair share of popularity in South Africa, India and Australia to name but a few countries. Better still is this video of the seemingly average Cricket Revolution in which the usual Bro Team approach is dropped in favour of a “proper” review style.

The results are just as hilarious as ever, of course.

Lord of the Rings Online

Even if you’re the biggest Tolkien fan who obsesses over every outing the Lord of the Rings licence sees you’ll probably be aware that the Lord of the Rings Online was a pretty unsuccessful massively multiplayer title.

It’s still free-to-play so you can experience it for yourself before the servers are shut down for good.

Aliens Colonial Marines

The last good game involving the Alien franchise was the original Aliens vs. Predator, which ramped up the fear and offered 3 fun yet terrifying campaigns. Aliens Colonial Marines falls short in every department, with an unimaginative single player campaign and flawed multiplayer offering.

One of the worst aspects of the game however were the bugs, of which there are tons in this video.

The Rest 

You can subscribe to the rest of Bro Team Pill at and catch a few more videos on Machinima Games & Films: 6 Awesome Machinima Videos [Stuff to Watch] Games & Films: 6 Awesome Machinima Videos [Stuff to Watch] Put simply, machinima is the use of video game technology in the pursuit of cinema - be it shorts, feature-length films or recurring series. The first examples of such an art form surfaced in the... Read More . Don’t forget to check out some other amusing video game YouTubers Funny Reviews: A Whimsical Look At Retro Gaming & Computer Equipment [Stuff To Watch] Funny Reviews: A Whimsical Look At Retro Gaming & Computer Equipment [Stuff To Watch] It’s Monday, and that means more video reviews to kick-start your week with a smile, gasp and probably a scoff. Today’s Stuff to Watch features videos from two fine members of the YouTube community -... Read More as well as these excellent Skyrim parodies. If you have any other funny YouTube recommendations, be sure to stick them in the comments below this post!

  1. Garris Rago
    March 12, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    I was allready subscribed to BroTeamPill but hadn't seen their unboxing video, I was in hysterics

  2. Yudono Amiharto
    March 12, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    hahaha.. it's look like a fun channel to subscribe, i'm gonna add them later on youtube.
    thanks for the info

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