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Are you aware of the dangers of drinking both for your health and your wallet? Well here is a cool-scary tool that visualizes the effects of drinking for you. Booze Calculator is a flash-based information app that profiles the different types of booze you drank the previous night and then gives you facts and trivia about what you just drank, their health effects, the money you spent drinking and more.

the effects of drinking alcohol

the effects of drinking alcoholic beverages

When you start using the app, select whether you are male or female then input how many glasses of alcohol you drank. You can choose between beer, strong beer, wine, large wine, spirits, and alcopop. Booze Calculator will then give you information on what you just drank.

For example 8 glasses of beer equals 18 units of alcohol which is 85% more than what is recommended per week; and 1,600 calories which is much more than what you need for a full day’s meal.

Booze Calculator is an informative app for people who want to gain some insight on the effects of their drinking. It may be occasional, but drinking furiously takes a big toll on your body and budget.



  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Know the effects of drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Calculates your alcohol and calorie intake.
  • Show how much money you probably spent.

Check out Booze Calculator @

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