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multiple desktops vista xpWouldn’t you like to have multiple desktops to work on, all on the same monitor? Think of the things you could do. You could be working on one project on one part of your desktop and then switch to work on another with just one click of your mouse, all on the same monitor. You could boost your productivity levels and increase the speed of whatever it may be that you’re working on.

I have come across a free multiple desktop application that can possibly help you not only organize yourself, but also jump-start your efficiency. It works both on Windows Vista and XP. We will let you decide how this app could benefit you the most.


WindowsPager allows for up to four virtual desktops that can effectively increase the efficiency of your work and save time. You can manage several windows and applications that are always visual on your Windows task bar.

How It Works

All you have to do is launch WindowsPager from the zip file once you’ve downloaded it , click on the exe file and run it, you will instantly have four accessible and separate desktops to work from. This app is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista and comes with no uninstaller as it is run from a zip file.

You can switch from one desktop to the other with the click of the mouse, and if you should ever want to, quitting out of the program is extremely easy as well (by right clicking).

WindowsPager immediately multiplies your screen space by four and it hardly uses up any memory on your PC because it is run from the zip file (it almost acts as though it is a third party application). If you utilize newer versions of FireFox then you won’t need to scan WindowsPager for viruses as the browser does this for you, however if you’re using another browser or wish to scan for more viruses then you can use your personal anti-virus software installed on your PC to scan the system once you’ve reached the zip file.


multiple desktops vista

This is what WindowsPager looks like in the task bar once an app window has been opened on all four desktops (i.e. Browser, Image Viewer, Media Player, & more):

multiple desktops windows xp

Here’s a video that will help you to visualize WindowsPager in action:

Conclusion & Compatibility

The few things this application lacks are a settings menu so that the user is able to quickly change settings and functionality, and a task bar icon so that the user can quickly summon the power of multiple desktops when needed.

If you like the idea of dividing your work space on your desktop so you’d have a crisper and cleaner view of the tasks you’re undertaking, then WindowsPager can possibly aid you.You ma also check out other virtual desktop managers 2 Cool Virtual Desktop Managers for Windows 2 Cool Virtual Desktop Managers for Windows Read More that were profile on MakeUseOf earlier.

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