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Booktype is open-source software that allows people to write, publish and print e-books within minutes.

publish digital books

Using powerful, yet simple to use tools, Booktype makes it easy for almost anyone to start their very own e-book. An easy drag-and-drop interface makes it plain and simple to make an e-book, while tools such as collaborative proofreaders, editors and contributors make it possible for organizations to hook up with other people and write an e-book in a teamwork environment.

The digital book can then be exported to popular e-book stores such as Amazon, iBooks,, etc. The e-books are also format-compatible with many e-book readers such as iPad, Kindle, Nook, and more. To make sure it’s suitable for you, you can try the online demo and see how Booktype works.

To make use of this amazing software, just download the code and follow the instructions given on the website to download the software on to your computer. To install the software, a person is required to have a web server and knowledge of how to install software for the web.



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