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If you want to venture into self-publishing, then you should check out Booktango. While it touts itself as an online e-book publisher, Booktango also offers a well-optimized e-book editor for the iPad and other tablet devices. Anyone can upload their book, add a design cover and publish it to major e-book retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

sell your ebooks online

Booktango generates different formats of your book so that you can sell them online. You can sell directly through the Booktango platform and get 100% of the sale, or sell to Amazon and other online bookstores to get 90% of the sale.

The tablet-based editor offers various customizations like cover designer, internal page designs, graphics and images and more. You can just paste over your draft and go through the book editor. While you can get by using the free version, Booktango offers one-time fees for premium features like the choice of cover design, and U.S copyright registration.

Booktango offers a good first step for authors to publish their own work. Everything is simplified for less tech-savvy authors, allowing anyone to publish online without worrying about book design and copyright.



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