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books You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a book related website by what it offers. Agreed that the web is not the best place to read books but it is definitely a fine place to discover books.

Commonly all book lovers sites revolve around a community. An online ‘town square’ meet-up to see what others are reading and why they reading it. If you club together a few likeminded book lovers, you are bound to come across a lot of books.

BookRix is just such a book lovers website, a community platform where you can read, rate and rant away on books. BookRix is also a place where new authors can present their own works. In that respect BookRix acts like an online publishing house for free via the medium of the browser.

BookRix calls itself a portal on books. Let’s find our way in with a simple registration and unwrap what the site has in store for a book lover and a hopeful author.

Something seems to be always happening at BookRix. Immediately after my log-in, I am greeted with the message as depicted below.



Wow, a contest! Nice, but I guess as I am trying to still find my feet. Let me just walk around a bit and read some of the books that are available around here. The collection is about 16,000+ strong and includes novels, poetry, children’s books, essays etc. all free to read.


The Personal Homepage is usually the starting point for all activities on BookRix. We have Boxes with different content like BookRix News, Your Favorite Categories, Book Recommendations, New Books etc, which are all snapshots of everything we do in BookRix.


The Books overview page is a place to search for all that’s there in BookRix’s collection. A search or an advanced search will throw up the book we want. BookRix also has a small collection of audio books and foreign language titles.


The Community is the place to hang out and discover other readers and authors. We can interact directly with other readers (i.e. both users and authors) or join Groups like the one called “˜Give vampires a chance'”¦which reads and discusses books on vampires! Or, if we don’t want anything that far out, we can always start our own group.

Then again, we can pass the time playing a round of literary quiz that’s on offer. BookRix also has a fledgling discussion Forum that affords another place to connect to the writers and readers network.


My BookRix is the operations room. Set up your profile and build a network by inviting friends. There’s also a little pin board that we can use as a post-it peg. The pin board notice goes out to all our friends on the network.


The My Books section is an important place for an aspiring author on BookRix. Though this is a place to manage our book lists (those that are authored by us), this section also has the tools that allow us to upload our raw content and make a book out of it.


The BookRix Upload tool has a few processes that make it easy to transfer the basic PDF, DOC, ODT or any other file type and add some defining information like Title, Sub Title, Author, Page Format for the preset BookRix template etc. A press on Save sends the book through the processing machine. We get a preview of our work in the slick BookRix Reader and the book gets saved in our account. A similar process allows us to upload audio podcasts and illustrated books too.


Promote your book through the BookRix interface. BookRix hosts the authored book, but we the authors need to tom-tom it using good old fashioned email promotion or through web links. The advantage of a community can be realized for a shot of viral promotion.


The word has gone out. People are queuing for your signature and you are the toast of the literati. Not quite. Book authoring and publishing it (successfully) is a backbreaking and fortune crushing business. Just ask some of the famous authors whose books have been rejected thousands of times. So is the BookRix book lovers website worth it?

Yes definitely because it lets you test the waters for free. The book reading community comments and gives your work an onceover. Productive appraisal is a vital ingredient towards the process of becoming a better writer. There are lots of book communities and online reading web apps out there, but BookRix is a no risk way of giving your penmanship a wider audience.

If you are a book lover, ink a few comments on BookRix.  Or take a look at three other alternatives 3 Inspiring Virtual Libraries for Avid Readers & Book Lovers 3 Inspiring Virtual Libraries for Avid Readers & Book Lovers Read More profiled by Bakari.

  1. Tom Lopy
    November 30, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    Looks like a good platform. I'll take a closer look. Does it work with audio books as well? I like the other platforms like and librevox

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