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We have seen browsers evolve from the olden times of Internet Explorer 6 to the speedy webkit browsers like Chrome and Safari. However, all these advances have not innovated the way we save and search bookmarks. While bookmarking has transformed into many forms, from social (Twitter) to crowdsourced (Reddit), the idea of bookmarking at its core has not changed.

syncing bookmarks is a new approach to bookmarking. This tool syncs all bookmarks across all devices and browsers, keeping them all up-to-date. As a Chrome user on the desktop and mobile Safari on my iPhone, this app allows browser to sync with each other.

Once the bookmarklet is installed on your browser, you can add and search bookmarks added from other devices. indexes the full content of all your bookmarked pages so that you can find what you need easily.

The web app interface allows to search through all your bookmarks, complete with a polaroid-themed pin-board with the screenshot of the bookmarked page. The left sidebar lists all your bookmarks sorted chronologically.

For $3.95 per month, is a sleek, cross-platform alternative to the default offerings of Apple iCloud and Chrome’s bookmark syncing.

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  • Speedy bookmark syncing service.
  • Indexes full-content of bookmarked page for quick searching.
  • Works on major browsers and devices.
  • Web app lets you view bookmarks as pinned cards.
  • Bookmarklet or add-on available to let you save bookmarks.
  • Similar Tools: Neater Bookmarks, Listango, and Bookmarks Tagger

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