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Bookmarks are a great way to save websites for visiting later. And now that they can be hidden away in folders, there is no telling how many of them point to old or deleted websites. If you are using Chrome however, Bookmark Sentry can clean up bookmarks for you.

The extension scans all your bookmarks upon installation and identify the ones that point to a deleted website. You then have the option of manually deleting them from your browser with a single click. The extension runs a scan every month but can be adjusted for a different interval. It even identifies any duplicate bookmarks so you can take care of them. You can track the progress of the scan and see full path of the bookmark currently being scanned.

clean up bookmarks


  • Scan your browser for invalid bookmarks.
  • Identify and delete dead bookmarks.
  • Delete duplicate bookmarks.
  • Works with Google Chrome.

Download BookmarkSentry @ GoogleChromeExtensions

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