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Internet users have to manage their browser’s bookmarks every now and then because most of us do not organize our bookmarks right when we add them. The managing process simply involves moving the bookmarks into different folders. Here to make the task easier for Firefox users is a tool called Bookmark Quick Mover.

Bookmark Quick Mover is a user-friendly browser tool that comes as a browser addon for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The function of the application is to provide Firefox users with a more convenient way to manage their bookmarks. The way the addon accomplishes this is by providing you with a ‘Move’ option in the context menu in the browser’s bookmarks manage window.

Normally to move a bookmark into another folder, you would drag the bookmark into a folder in the left pane. Alternatively you could right-click on a bookmark and use the copy or cut options to paste the bookmark into another folder. But after installing this addon, all you have to do to move a bookmark into a folder is right click on it and then enter the Move submenu in the context menu.

From here you can select which one of your bookmarks folders your bookmarks gets moved to. You can select multiple bookmarks and move them this way too.


Overall, this neat little tool can help better the overall Firefox experience even if in a small way.


  • A user friendly browser addon.
  • Compatible with Mozilla Firefox.
  • Helps you move bookmarks into other folders easily.
  • Lets you move multiple bookmarks in one go as well.

Check out Bookmark Quick Mover @

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