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Browser technology has made notable advancements in speed and standards, but we still find ourselves stuck in the old way of managing our bookmarks. There might be new features like bookmark syncing or launching bookmarks through the address bar, but we are still using the old paradigm of organizing our bookmarks in folders.

add tags to chrome bookmarks

Bookmark# is a Google Chrome extension that takes a crack against this archaic situation. Instead of folders, Bookmark# lets users add tags to saved URLs for far easier archiving and access.

Tagging offers a lot more benefits than folders; the most important of all is the ability to attach multiple tags to an item. Tagging also makes the hierarchy of your bookmarks flatter.

To add a bookmark with this extension, simply click on the bookmark icon in the omnibar. You will be then asked to set the title of the bookmarked page as well as set the tags for that page. Since Bookmark# is integrated into the Chrome omnibar, you can easily fetch the tags by typing in “#” and then Tab. You can also add the “&” string to find websites across multiple tags.

Bookmark# is a nifty bookmark management tool with minimal set-up required. This extension is great for any web surfer who wants to save websites in a simpler, and more accessible manner.



  • Convert traditional bookmarking system into tag-based system.
  • Quickly searched for tag bookmarks in the omnibar.
  • Ability to attach multiple tags for each item.
  • Add sub-tags or child tags.
  • Similar tool: Bookmarks Tagger.

Check out Bookmark# @

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  1. dragonmouth
    March 2, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    "Tagging offers a lot more benefits than folders"
    Other than tagging, what are any of the other benefits?

    "the most important of all is the ability to attach multiple tags to an item"
    What's the advantage of that? A bookmark can be put into multiple folders, giving the same result as tagging.