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College students spend a fortune on their textbooks. Moreover each book is usually used only one semester – after the semester the book becomes useless to many students. If you want to save money throughout the entire college- book-buying experience, pay a visit.

buying and selling textbooks is a free to use website that helps you search for cheap college books. The easiest way to use the site is by entering the name of your college / university in the area provided on the site’s homepage. If your university is included in the site’s database (which comprises of over 500 universities) you will be shown the courses offered at your institution. Pick a course and its books will be searched for at 10 merchant websites offering those books at very inexpensive rates (you can save up to 60%).

Alternatively, if your university is not in the site’s database, you can search for a book by its name. If you have some old college book lying around, the site helps you sell it to students in need of the book. This way your college book is never useless, even after the semester is over.

buying and selling textbooks

buying and selling college textbooks



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