BookletCreator : Create Printable Booklet from your PDF

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Simple online service that lets instantly turn any PDF document to a printable booklet. If you’re one of those people who prefer to read documents in paper format then this is for you. Basically it reorders the pages in such manner so that when the document is printed it can be easily folded into a small book. No registration required, simply upload your PDF document get back, run BookletCreator and download ready file. Print it out and follow provided instructions to turn sheets to a booklet.

Booklet Creator

BookletCreator Features

  • Easily create a portable booklet from PDF document.
  • PDF document should have “Portrait” paper orientation.
  • Set additional parameters: When you have a large document you can use “pages per booklet” feature to split the document into multiple booklets.
  • Detailed and easy-to-follow printing how to instructions.

Turn PDF documents to small booklets

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I’ve had this problem since highschool (10 years ago). I had to do this manually before. Thank God for this!



This free website did what neither Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s built in PDF support, or Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 could do. We had a PDF of pages that are 1/2 legal size. We needed to combine two of the half size pages into single legal size pages, and order them appropriately for booklet printing. After struggling and failing with my expensive software, found this website, came out perfectly the first time. THANK YOU.



I didn’t get it at first but i got it.
Anyway, do YOu need a title page for it???


Clara O’Hara

So, this whole website is free? Can you print it from home for free without a logo being on it?

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