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This collaborative project between Simon & Schuster, Hachette, and Penguin is designed for book-lovers everywhere. In a nutshell, Bookish is part book review publication, part bookstore, and part industry-saver.

You’ll arrive on the homepage only to discover what appears to be a type of e-magazine. The homepage features updates on new releases that can be purchased on-site with both e-book and physical copy options. You’ll also see legitimate articles by the “Bookish Editors” about authors, novels, and more. Beyond this, the website offers a vast selection of titles through its store.

get book recommendations

By searching for recently-read titles, you can receive dynamic book recommendations built by the Bookish Editors and other trusted contributors. On top of that, this same recommendation tool serves as a catalog function for titles you haven’t read. This helps if you are searching for a certain book, wouldn’t mind reading a bit more, and could use a few similar recommendations.


The site has made use of something that most similar publications have been unable to utilize: convergence. Merging three types of entities occasionally makes Bookish more useful than other sites like Amazon. Instead of only allowing you to search for books that you already have in mind (or basing recommendations off of user-buying patterns), the site offers the above interesting aids to help you with your purchases.


After looking at all of the site features, it would almost seem as if the Bookish Editors are virtual librarians. That said, Bookish is one of the top sites for buying books you want and finding new ones you’ll eventually want.


  • Interesting articles about authors and their work.
  • Dynamic book recommendations.
  • Occasional book samples available prior to purchasing.
  • E-book and physical purchasing options.
  • Multi-subject browsing capabilities.

Check out Bookish now.

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