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Online calendars are made to keep us organized. However, some of them are too clunky and slow to use and the fact that we have to log in and open a URL makes it too stressful to implement.

On the other hand, there are online calendars that are specialized to make specific tasks easier. BookingCalendar is one such app. This simple online tool lets you create free embeddable calendars to track your available bookings and also display them on your website or personal webpage.

free embeddable calendar

You can start by creating a calendar. Then you can set a booking start date and end date for each calendar. You can modify your bookings anytime and the easy embedding lets you post your calendar to your website.

For example, if you own a small hotel, you can create one calendar for each room so that you can track which ones are available for booking. Of course, your customers can also see what rooms are available. This also works if you have a car rental company, party bookings, or just about anything that requires knowing the availability of your resources.

free embeddable calendar

Advertisement is also very useful for web designers who need a simple booking calendar for their business clients. The seamless interface makes this calendar very easy to use.


  • Free; easy to set up.
  • Alter the calendar as you see fit.
  • Run multiple calendars.
  • Keep track of your ads with media control.
  • Embed your calendar into your website.
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