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Web designers work with complex designs today and anything to make their job easier is much appreciated. One thing that makes things easier is a graphics library which offers shapes, animations, movements, and functions ready to be used by designers in their project. If you are looking for such a library, check out the impressive Bonsai JavaScript graphics library.

javascript graphics library

Bonsai is an excellent JavaScript library that offers web designers and developers numerous animations, shapes, and predefined functions to make their jobs easier. The library renders your outputs using SVG and it supports the creation of simple shapes along with special functions. You can add filters, gradients, and colors to your design very easily. Keyboard and mouse events are built into the library, minimizing your work.

There are also standard animations and keyframe animations present which enable you to make moving graphics visually appealing. In the examples section of Bonsai you will find an attractive pie chart that loads up via an animation in a clockwise manner.


There is also a one-player Pong game in the examples which you can play.


Check out Bonsai @

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