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We have wrote about Unity Unity - Great 3D Games On Multiple Platforms & Browsers Unity - Great 3D Games On Multiple Platforms & Browsers Read More in the past, a multi platform webbrowser plugin enabling stunning inbrowser 3D games – amongst other things.

Although used in various programming projects, the Unity plugin has not yet reached the heights of what might have been expected; it hasn’t taken over most browsers, and didn’t push us towards Skynet.

We thought it’d be interesting to take a look at what has happened with Unity since. Upon doing so, we stumbled upon Blurst.

Blurst, a project of the Unity creators, has continued developing Unity games ever since. It must be noted that, although most of these games don’t reach the full potential of the platform by far, they are quite entertaining, and certainly worth taking a look at.

Note – To play any of these games, you need to install the Unity web plug-in. This can be downloaded here, or through any Unity-embedded webpage.


This game is based on the concept of another very popular game, which can be found on many computers and cellphones; get rid of the blobs or splumes on the ceiling by getting three of the same colour together.


There are various tweaks to be found though. Splume introduces improved physics, strange new level designs, and many unlockable achievements. The graphics got an update as well.

Not the innovation of the year, but nevertheless a game that doesn’t fail to entertain and kill time at work.


This game reminds me somewhat of PlayStation’s Flow. It’s a majestical, deep-sea game, with the same soothing ambience. You’re an underwater creature, floating in the water and sweeping up eggs with your tail.

It’s a violent biotope, though. There are enemies around every corner, attacking you at sight. Stay away from all pulsing creatures, because even the smaller jellyfish will snap at your tentacles.

It’s an entertaining game, and nothing short of eyecandy. Try gathering as many eggs as possible, as high a score as possible, before the time runs out.

Jetpack Brontosaurus

A strange game, through the eyes of the Apatosaurus named “Brontosaurus”. Venturing off into his dreams, you fly around with a huge jetpack strapped to your back.

Soar through the skies in five different levels, and complete all missions, such as fruit collections, ring courses and platform landings.

A beautiful, tripped out flying game (try playing this when you’re drunk), which shows off at least some of the Unity platform’s power and potential.

Other Games

These are just some of the available Unity games. Others include the popular Fusion Fall MMORPG and iPhone’s premium VooDude application. Check out this page for plenty of other Unity games.

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