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In another parallel future, mankind has swarmed across and colonized across planets in the universe, to Mars and beyond. Perhaps they’ve even progressively settled on Pluto.

This new world rests on the shoulders of a new network, allowing interstellar communication. But a mysterious techno-biological plague rides this network, infecting anyone connected, and creating ravenous cannibals.

As an android, you’re not infected by the plague. Uninfected, it’s your task to set things right, whatever the cost.

Blood Frontier

Blood Frontier has been in development for the past two years. It’s a complete remake of the Cube 2 engine, also known and previously mentioned as Sauerbraten MUO Games : Top 5 Free Cross-Platform FPS Games MUO Games : Top 5 Free Cross-Platform FPS Games Read More . For the production of this free first person shooter MMO, the developers have tried working closely with both the gaming- and the rest of the open-source community alike.

Still in the first Beta, one mustn’t expect any graphical wonders from the game. Visuals are sufficient, but not mind-blowing. Our main point of interest is – especially in this phase – gameplay.


Although there’s still a long way ahead, Blood Frontier has great ambition. The experience available today is just a fraction of the total envisioned picture. In the future, Blood Frontier has also planned on deepening out other playing modes, as well as a complete single-player campaign.

That’s something for a future review though, for now we’ll focus on what’s already here – an already awesome multi-player campaign.


As it is today, Blood Frontier can be best described as an MMOFPS – otherwise Mass Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. Even though there is a third-person mode available, this is sadly still to be perfected. Instead of hitting the currently popular road of upgrade-overload and micropayments, Blood Frontier goes more in the direction of Unreal Tournament-like arena shooting. Most traditional game modes, such as deathmatches and capture the flag are covered.

free first person shooter mmo

Blood Frontier’s gameplay is characterised by the overload of weapons spread around the level and a mixture of new features. The very low gravity is not extremely original, but makes for great shoot-outs. Add a redesign of the double jump to the mix – jump once, and hit space a second time to get a horizontal jet pack boost – and you’ll understand my enthusiasm.

blood frontier - free first person shooter

The developers have also made game environments extraordinarily flexible – and plan on keeping to do so in future releases. Map-makers have the ability to tweak game-settings (e.g. player vulnerability) to the finest detail, to create a unique experience in every map.

Gore is Optional

If you like in-game gore, and need your daily dose of overkill, you’ve just come to the right place (not entirely surprising for a game with that name). With great bullets, and overpowered grenade simulations, you won’t be given short. If you’ve got gore turned on, you may occasionally see pieces of your adversaries fly by. How do you like your steak?

first person shooter mmo

That doesn’t mean that the game is unsuitable for and can’t be enjoyed by a younger, or weaker-stomached audience though. Blood frontier comes with a kid-mode, which allows you to turn off all blood and gore. You’ll have as much fun, but won’t be bothered with any obscenities.

All Platforms

The Blood Frontier beta is now available on Windows, Mac and Linux. No-one will have to miss this one out because of OS-incompatibility! Doesn’t that say something about open source? You can download the game here.

If you’ve got any remarks, or questions related to this, or other free games – please direct to the comments section below. We’d love to hear about the free games you enjoy playing!

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