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Hoppa! Good news this is first non-review article on makeuseof and the bad news what I am about to write does not seem to have a happy ending. Wanted to start with something less intense and simpler but could not help it when heard about some new web services embracing blogging for money.

So the recent buzz seems to indicate that the concept of blogging for money may actually pick up. According to the latest headlines from Techcrunch, two more cases were confirmed infected with deadly ‘PayPerPost Business Model’ virus. That is blogging for dollars. These companies are: ReviewMe and CreamAid. So now we have 3 cases confirmed, and I guess with the way things are copied on the web we are just see the tip of the iceberg here.

Above mentioned companies pay bloggers for writing posts about some services or products. Obviously bloggers should be rewarded for their effort and this reward may be monetary or whatever makes them happy. However, many would agree with it, any blogger writing a post where money is a ‘direct cause’ rather then ‘means’ undermine trust and credibility of the entire blogging community and its readers.

Blogging is frequently associated with term “Naked Conversations”, meaning that a blog is a place where an open conversation takes place and everyone has a chance to say anything. When blogger receives direct monetary reward for the post situation starts to resemble a naked conversation that occurs in the strip bar where the service received is a direct cause of the service fee.

Do you disagree? Some of you may and probably will blog about it, whatever, as long you do it for a reader it will embraced.

Oh and by the way, one thing that blogging community always proud about is to be much more open and transparent in contrast to traditional media, where conversation occurs only one way. So, we always put ourselves aside by pointing out these problems and that made us feel better and probably even cooler. Finally, there is something for traditional media can point to. Period.


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